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teach a course on the revolutionary Jew, based on my book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, at the Little Flower Parish in South Bend, Indiana. Robert Sungenis, cease from speaking about the Jews due to his disruption of Catholic-Jewish dialogue. Michael Jones: In May 2009, following the appearance of my article, Deborah Lipstadt and Holocaust Denial, Abraham Foxman, screech owl of the Anti Defamation League, put me on their Web Sites most wanted list. But it didnt work. And this identity will remain so until the Jews repudiate their rejection of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their saviour. Michael Jones: Only for the Jews. View Entire Story Here Here. Its because the Jews rejected Christ, and in rejecting Christ they rejected Logos, and in rejecting Logos the Reason for the universe and its redemption they became, not only. It turns out that, upon reflection, the bishops concluded that the Mosaic covenant between God and the Jews was no longer eternally valid, and that Jews did have to convert if they wanted to be saved after all. Pauls Epistle to the Thessalonians should know the answer. Michael Jones: The Church can have unity or she can have good relations with the Jews.

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One of Levines favorite topics, as featured in her talks at ADL conferences, is how the New Testament infects congregations and classrooms around the world with anti-Semitism. In other words, dialogue has become the vehicle for Jewish control of the Catholic mind. But the simple fact remained: Whenever the bishops engaged in dialogue with the Jews, they repudiated the Gospel. Conversely, when our e-pro fr woodstock Bishops acted on their own and reaffirmed the Gospel, they invariably outraged the Jews. Rhoades had demanded that the renowned Catholic apologist,. Michael Jones: Anyone who has read the Gospel. Foxman now realizes that the Church is heading in the other direction on all of the issues that he and the Jews whom he represents consider crucial to their cause but ruinous to ours. Articles May Be Reproduced Only With Authorship of Br Nathanael Kapner Link To, real Zionist News (SM please Help Support This Site!


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This leads me to refine my previous statement: The Church can proclaim the Gospel or she can pursue good relations with the Jews. But she cant have both. However, in June 2009 the same bishops had to issue a clarification which repudiated their own statement. For example, last January, Rabbi David Rosen, Director of the American Jewish Committees Department for Interreligious Affairs, told the Jerusalem Post that he would be very surprised if the Society. Rabbi Rosen is now claiming veto power for the Jews in determining who is and who is not a good Catholic so as either to be admitted or shut out from the Church. Nathanael: Is the dialogue between Jews and Catholics bearing any fruit?

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